Kleenex, Anyone?

I stopped crying at weddings a while back… I think. I could be wrong, though, because if crying was an Olympic sport, let’s just say I would bring great honor to my country!  All I know is that when sweet Ally stepped out of that limo in her beautiful dress with her beautiful self, there was no stopping it. I had to cry all over myself. And I wasn’t the only one! Her Dad, who’s kept it all “together” during wedding planning, rehearsals, and everything, finally broke down in the middle of the ceremony … which only made it harder for everyone else to keep composure! This wedding, like many, is bittersweet. Everything about Ally & Greg is lovely and perfect, except that they moved to Georgia the next day and will be moving to MN after that. Where is the justice? :)  They are truly an incredible couple, though, with hearts to live their lives for something bigger than themselves and a desire to do that as a team. Pretty rare for a couple of 20-year-olds! We raise our glasses to them, though…  glasses of sparkling apple cider, of course  :)

[ally + greg, i love you!

Daddy’s last embrace of his baby girl before giving her away
This was one of the MOST fun wedding parties of all time.
2 Generations of looooove.
Love ALL these girls! Didn’t even have to tell them jokes for this!
I had to squeeze in a picture with my surrogate sisters :)



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