Beer, Brides, Bicycles (a fort collins love story)

I was so pumped to shoot this wedding, and for so many reasons. One, Seth has been a dear friend of mine for a long time now, and, as I’ve said before I just LOVE shooting people’s weddings that I know. It’s what I call extra special. Two, Seth and Mackensie are both super hip and creative, so it put a little pep in my step to know that they chose me to capture this glorious day. Third, I bought the camera of my dreams and some a-MAZ-ing lighting equipment just before this wedding (which means that I was like a kid on Christmas morning shooting this wedding). And fourth, I LOVE Fort Collins and am always looking for an excuse to go there. Win, win, win, win :)

You can tell how special this couple is by how great all the people at the wedding were and how much they love them! The excitement that day was pretty contagious, and the wedding party was a blast (all 18 of them!). Shooting with my new camera was just … … ahhhhh. It’s nice to finally have equipment that matches and can execute the ideas in my head exactly how I want them! I want to kiss it, and I wish I had bought it sooner. Anyways, Seth and Mackensie, it was a treat to share this day with you; thanks for choosing me!

Seth-always entertaining.

This train was pretty dang loud!
Seth and siblings.

Boy prayer time.

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