Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Life. [Pic of the Week]

I read this online today and decided to let it inspire my Pic of the Week today:

“Christmas and Easter can be subjects for poetry, but Good Friday, like Auschwitz, cannot. The reality is so horrible, it is not surprising that people should have found it a stumbling block to faith.”          –W.H. Auden

So, instead of a super fun shot of people having the time of their lives (which is what I like to normally do because, Come on! It’s the weekend!), I wanted to showcase one that expresses the bleakness of what today is. We all have the privilege today of knowing that Sunday’s coming and bringing new life with it, but there were a band of people in Jerusalem a couple of thousand years ago that didn’t. This photo is about them, a group of misfits and outcasts and less-thans who were given dignity and a place at Jesus’ table for the first time… and who thought they might have just lost him forever.

parking lot
Colorado Springs, Colorado.



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