[Pic of the Week] : but why?


an interesting geyser for sure.
an interesting geyser for sure.

This, my friends, is a weird pic of the week. It probably doesn’t tug at your heart strings or make you wanna dance. If it does, I’d be very interested meet you. So, what is this thing?  Well, I did a video project for the brand new VA Hospital here in Colorado Springs last week, and the boys in orange took some time to tell me about this when we were filming on the roof.

You know how when you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist (which I totally need to do… crap…) and they use that weird sucky straw/tube thing to get all the extra spit out of your mouth? Well, it has to go somewhere! First it goes to this holding tank in an electrical room (which isn’t nearly as picturesque), and then when it’s full, they blow it all out of the top of this weird missile thing! Off the roof! Into the air! My mind was blown.

Unfortunately, I live less than a mile downwind of this spit geyser. But don’t worry, I made Jim the building manager promise to send me a smoke signal when it’s about to blow. So if you see something smoke off the top of that huge building on Fillmore, get yer butt inside :)


Colorado based photographer traveling nationally and internationally, making a living as an artist and becoming more of who I was meant to be every day.

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