[Pic of the Week] : 2 hearts and a banjo.

their secret world.
their secret world.

Let me tell you something, dear reader. I love these people. Pic of the Week this time is brought to you from Little Mulberry Park in Lawrenceville, Georgia, where the grass grows tall and the bugs bite fiercely. And it’s where my sweet cousin Wesley kissed his (now) fiance, Hannah, for the first time. I met Wesley, well… when he was a baby. Literally. And when you walk with a person from diapers to diplomas and watch them choose to walk a path that’s even better than the one you dreamed for them, now that’s a beautiful thing. Wesley loves Jesus. He loves music. He loves his banjo and Sufjan Stevens. And now he loves Hannah (as all of us do, too!). He has chosen such a beautiful girl to join our family, and we. are. pumped.

I didn’t realize until this shoot how great their voices sound together, and the first song they sang out in the field is called The Creek, which Wesley actually wrote. My favorite theme in the tune is about him having a secret world, and if I could raise a glass today I would raise one to Wesley and Hannah and the beautiful secret world they will have as lovers and friends. May the music in their house never be scarce :)   {here, here!}



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