[Pic of the Week] : a dreaded dream.

the dreamiest of all dreds.
the dreamiest of all dreads.

Anna texted me a couple of weeks ago to tell me that she was getting rid of her dreads. She’s had them since 2007, and we’ve been talking about “trashing her dress” in them since 2 years ago, so this text was a nice little fire under our butts to make something happen! There were so many fun moments throughout the course of this shoot (from mud puddles to funny looks from my neighbors), but this was by far the dreamiest. I haven’t heard the latest, but chances are these dreads are a thing of the past now. I hope we sent them off in a blaze of glory, cause they were a thing of beauty!

ps – the apartments where we took this were actually super gracious in letting us use their pool, although they specifically requested that we not mention their name :) We showed up, and I was honestly ready (with credit card in hand) to just jimmy the lock… then I heard my mother’s voice, telling me to ask for permission instead of forgiveness (or a lesser B&E sentence). So I did, and they were so great about it! The ladies in the apartment office even watched us shoot the whole thing, and when I went back inside with camera in hand to show them some images they were overjoyed to see them. “No one’s ever jumped in our pool in a wedding dress!” they exclaimed as they hurried over to my little digital viewfinder. I also tried out the new GoPro during this shoot, and here’s the firstfruits of that here.




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  • I love your title Allison! What a great play on words. Isaac will love this!

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