The Little People.

bear on table Some people get a little huffy when the ring bearer picks his nose at the altar or the flower girl runs away screaming. To these people, I say, “This is why we have children in weddings.” I look forward to nose pickings and stage fright (it’s a lot of pressure to toss the right amount of flower petals with every step!) and yelling for mommy; they are the comic relief and sometimes the star of the show! So this blog post is dedicated to them. The oh-so-short cuties that make these days even more memorable (and adorable).

They always make the dance party more memorable!
Melissa Ricky-8607
“I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!”
Getting Ready-8089
4 words: eyes, cheeks, headband. YUM.
Melissa Ricky-2991
Not only will I not smile for you, I will always be facing the wrong way.
I mean… come ON. The precious meter is off the charts.
Member of the FHA: Future Heartbreakers of America.

Getting Ready-55

Look out, ladies.

sweet kiddos selah


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