Chase away the Mondays. Get FANCY.

Sometimes I find myself wishing there was a way I could count up all the minutes and hours I spend laughing. At my computer. By myself. (cause I have a feeling it’s a lot!)

Part of photography is editing, and part of editing is sitting at said computer looking at all the breathtaking, life-changing images you’ve made. But most of my editing involves laughing at all the funny and ridiculous ones that most people will never see. It’s always a shame to hit the delete button after a good giggle session, as another file goes off to digital heaven with no one else to appreciate it alongside me. Then, as I was photographing this beautiful and extremely good humored debutant last week (who broke it DOWN when the song Fancy came on Pandora, with her gloves and fancy dress and all), I had the idea to compose a slideshow of all the hilarious pics that no one really sees. Since the internet is all about sharing, sharing, and oversharing, I’m bringing you along with me for this one. It’s is a small sampling, but I had such a blast making this that I’m pretty sure I’ll be saving more outtakes in the future.

Bon Appetit! And Happy Monday!  (feel free to pass this along to anyone you know with the Monday blues)

Just click right HERE.





Colorado based photographer traveling nationally and internationally, making a living as an artist and becoming more of who I was meant to be every day.

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