[Pic of the Week] : Stellar Propeller takes flight!

You might say that my job satisfaction is running high this week.

On Wednesday, I was able to not only cross something off my bucket list, but I also got paid for it! The new VA Hospital here in Colorado Springs needed some aerial photography, and I was asked to do it. Unreal. I’ve never been in a helicopter before, but the good people at Colorado Vertical are definitely people I would work with again. Will is an excellent pilot, was so easy to work with, and he plays awesome music while you’re flying :)

I have to admit, I did agonize a bit over which lenses I was going to use. It’s not the easiest to change them out once you’re up there, and I mostly use prime lenses (which I prefer to call fixies, myself) so I spent a lot of time looking at blogs and reading about other people’s adventures and mishaps. I knew we were going to be about 500 ft in the air above the building I needed to shoot, but it was hard to try and guess what that would look like! It’s not like we have 2 vertical football fields I can climb and practice on! I have 2 D700 cameras, so I was thankful I didn’t have to just pick one lens. In the end, I tried on all the lenses for Will right before takeoff, and he helped me settle on my 85mm and my 28mm. I also brought along my new GoPro, and Will had a mount on the nose of the helicopter! Some of that footage will be available here (when it’s done uploading). I was very happy with the 85 and the 28, although with the 28, I had to hold the shutter down quite a bit per shot because, due to the wider angle, the helicopter blades would sneak into the frame sometimes. (pic of the week was shot with 28mm)

Will flew over a couple of extra things for me while we were up there, and the Pic of the Week just happens to be Colorado Springs’ very own Garden of the Gods. Enjoy! Happy Friday!

GOG Aerial-0062


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