[Pic of the Week] : make a wish. or something.

a little bachelorette can go a long way...
a little bachelorette can go a long way…

One of the things I love about being a photographer is how it gives me access to all these special moments that I would otherwise never be allowed into. It lets me meet people I would never otherwise meet. This rooftop shot is from the Highlands in Denver at one of the most hilarious bachelorette parties I’ve ever attended. It was 70’s themed, which I later found out was simply because the bride has really been into Jenny from Forrest Gump as of late. I mean, Robin Wright is hot stuff, so I get that. They wanted a photographer there because they are going to make a calendar of all these fun photo ops for the bride-to-be.

My kinda people.

In fact, when I arrived I wasn’t sure if I was at the correct address. Then, a woman with a 2 foot tall afro came to the door. “I see I’m at the right place,” I said. She proceeded to take me upstairs and later made me one of the best Moscow Mules I’ve ever tasted (copper mug and all!). I had some lovely conversations with several of the ladies there (including one with the host including an in depth analysis of “I love The Night Life” by Alicia Bridges… turns out she’s not as happy-go-lucky as we think!), and I left thinking “I would never get to meet these people if it weren’t for my job!” and “I would totally hang out with these chicks” and “I should’ve fro’d my hair out for this shoot!”

So, pic of the week is the beautiful bride-to-be making wishes and merriment with her confetti on the rooftop (and that’s her sweet sister smiling in the background). So, Happy Friday, y’all. May all your weekend wishes come true :)

[50 mm lens for this shot // 1.4, but this was shot at 2.8]


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