[Pic of the Week] : learning from children.

Pikes Peak Arts Fest

Oh, the freedom. The freedom of uninhibited childhood that allows us to wear tutus and let our bellies out and lick every last drop of funnel cake off our fingers…

Don’t you miss those days?

May you find some freedom to be uninhibited this weekend. Maybe it’s not about literally getting on ballet clothing, though. Maybe letting your “belly” out is about being honest with your shortcomings and human-ness in a way that gives others the freedom to do the same. When did we start feeling like we had to pretend to have it all together? If you let your belly out, perhaps someone will finally find courage to do the same. And maybe wearing a tutu means not being afraid to express the things inside you that you thought were “too much” or “not enough.” Maybe it’s about drawing attention to something that deserves some attention. But when it comes to funnel cake, I have no poetic interpretations. It’s the weekend! Treat yourself to something that’s finger-lickin’ good :)


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