[Pic of the Week] : overjoyed.

I am so pleased, humbled, and overjoyed to announce that I just bought a ticket to Haiti! I am partnering with VisionTrust and Help-Portrait (and my great friend Brian Kwan, photog extraordinaire!) on a trip to Haiti next month. We will be spending time traveling to some of VisionTrust’s projects (they help some of the poorest children in the world) to take family portraits for some Haitians. The kicker? Most of these people will have NEVER had a family photo taken before. As in… never ever. I smile ear to ear thinking of the gift we get to give those people!

We will spend 3 full days traveling to villages outside of Port-Au-Prince photographing, printing prints, and giving them away to the beautiful people of Haiti. This is exactly what I’ve wanted to be able to do with my photography, to have some sort of outlet to give back in a meaningful way. So, I find myself incredibly grateful to these 2 organizations for putting a trip together like this and for inviting the likes of me to come along for the ride.

boy on beach in Haiti
boy on beach in Haiti


Colorado based photographer traveling nationally and internationally, making a living as an artist and becoming more of who I was meant to be every day.

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