[ pic of the week ] : labor of love :)

You wanna know why I’m posting this as the pic of the week?  Well, you’re reading my blog so I’m going to assume you do :) I’m not posting this because it will change the world, bring you warm fuzzies, make you see your life in a different light, or even make you laugh. I’m posting it because it took me an hour and a half to get this one image, and sometimes you have to show things just because you worked too dang hard not to! So, this show-and-tell image is brought to you today by Stellar Propeller Studio, Get Outfitted, and the loft view in my apartment (those vertical shots don’t come easy, people.)

Between staging the product, running up and downstairs dozens of times to adjust lighting and wrinkles, taking and loading the photos, and editing out those wrinkles that just wouldn’t leave… an hour and a half.

Now I have greater respect for all those vertical gear shots in REI’s magazine. And I do love that team at Get Outfitted. Check ’em out.

The bless-ed vertical shot.
The bless-ed vertical shot.

Camera gear used: Nikon d700. 50mm lens. Elinchrom 500 strobe. 60″ Umbrella. Wooden chair (to keep one leg on as I hung over the edge of my loft).


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