[Pic of the Week] : Picture Booth is following me, and I’m okay with it.

My BFF Shea and I (who’s an amazing photographer in TN) were on our way to shoot a wedding last summer in the Tennessee countryside. We passed an antique mall of sorts called Miss Lucille’s and, after buying a necktie and some art by my favorite college professor, I discovered a fun little photo booth on our way out. We found it ironic (being wedding photographers who run photo booths on the way to shoot a wedding), so we grabbed the oversized magnifying glass prop and hopped in front of the photo box. Shea and I loved our pics, thought the lighting was flattering (how ’bout those tans?), and thought it was so clever that the little booth machine could text the photo to us right away!

We were able to post it straight to Instagram! Brill.
We were able to post it straight to Instagram! Brill.

But, I didn’t think much of it until…

… a guy named Ross joined my coworking space. In Colorado. Which is not close to Tennessee. Turns out Ross started the company that sold that photo booth to Miss Lucille herself in Clarksville, Tennessee! And the company is called Picture Booth.

What I love about Picture Booth is that it’s easy and fun. Two wonderful words, if you ask me, especially when you’re dealing with events. You grab a few pals. You jump in. You wait for the flash. You get a myriad of filter choices, and then the Picture Booth emails or texts the photos to you right there on the spot! And did I mention the lighting?! It’s the most flattering light on either side of the Mississippi, as I’ve tried it on both  ;)

Tonight, I was photographing an event for Connect! COS (check ’em out – they’re doing great things in our community!) in which they were honored by the Colorado Springs Business Journal. There were lots of suits and dresses and fancy desserts in little cups… and there was also a Picture Booth. And that, my friends, was where the party was :)  So, for Pic of the Week I thought it would be fun to show off my fun friends at Picture Booth and I hard at “work” at our event tonight. Cheers, y’all! Happy Friday.

And if you have an event coming up, think about adding in one of these! (I am not getting paid to say this; I just really like it!)

Screenshot 2015-03-12 23.24.35
Sam & Ross, my super fun coworkers.

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