[Pic of the Week] : a little Friday fluff.

The variety that comes with this job is pretty unbelievable. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This week alone, I herded preschoolers around a playground, arranged paragliding backpacks on models, and met with a couple to plan their wedding photography. Never a dull moment!

After this particular shoot, though, I was excited for people to ask me “What did you do today?”  Because then I got to reply, “Well, I went to a garage and photographed a puppy in a lab coat surrounded by cereal and knives.”  :) And why shouldn’t he be? His name is Dexter, and he’s a cereal killer.

Ha ha… Gotta love creative puppy owners. Happy Friday, y’all. Threw some bonus ones in there because, who doesn’t need more puppy pictures?

Dexter April-4633 Dexter April-4671Dexter April-4804

Dexter April-4692 Dexter April-4794


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