[ Pic of the Week ] : Hillary Hand, everyone. Hillary Hand.

my original photo and the album cover for Hillary Hand's new EP
my original photo and the album cover for Hillary Hand’s new EP

Meet Hillary Hand. Hillary started playing piano when she was 6. She started writing music in 2011, at which point she also started singing and blew us all out of the water. We knew she could tickle the ivories like a champ, but we had no idea she had the voice of an angel! (a very cool, stylish angel) She has now played all over the country, including the Underground Music Showcase in Denver and also at South by Southwest in Austin. Her songs have been featured Black Box, MTV’s Finding Carter, and MTV’s Awkward.

She used to be a figure skater, a home schooler, and a skateboard builder. I met her when she was 19, a young hairdresser with the coolest tattoos I’d ever seen, and we’ve been great friends ever since. She’s the only hairdresser I’ve known that I could sit in the chair with and say “Do whatever you want.”

As of this week, she has a new single out called “In My Head,” which is the title track for the EP that’ll be released in June. Find that new single and the rest of her glorious indie rock/electronic goodness here: https://soundcloud.com/hillaryhand . Enjoy!

Photo info: shot in an empty newspaper building in the old print room. Nikon d700. 28 mm lens. F2.8. 5000 ISO. And yes, that is what a ceiling looks like when it crumbles and falls…


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