the Young & the Beautiful.

Cara and I had been trying to work together for some time. She’s also one of my oldest friends here in Colorado Springs. She’s always been so encouraging of my artistry and is an artist herself (the woman’s journals should be published). She said she’s been wanting some images with my fingerprint on them for a while now. Dreamy words to hear as a photographer. So  we decided we should do an anniversary photo shoot to celebrate year number 3 with David, her handsome, book-binding hubby.

And when I got an email from David that said, “This shoot is a sort of, ‘Damn we’re young and beautiful, let’s take the the kind of photos our grandkids find in the attic and blog about'” my heart said “Game ON.”

This shoot was incredible for several reasons. A of all, Cara and Dave are the most beautiful of people. B of all, their house is like a Pinterest goldmine. C of all, Cara’s eyes. I mean, good grief. It’s not fair to the rest of us. Also, they were literally up for anything (like my first experiment with smoke bombs) and really have a good time being with each other (the camera can pick up on these things). At any rate, here are some highlights of one of my favorite shoots of the year.

[shot at: Cara & Dave’s and The Broadmoor Hotel. Nikon d700 with 28mm, 50mm, 85 mm, and macro extensions. Also, starring in a supporting role is Charlie, the King Charles Spaniel. He’s named after Charles Dickens.] 



  • Its like I just watched a film short. Love the angles, the lighting, the vibe of the shots. It feels intimate, almost like ‘m intruding on private moments. Very well done Allison. You are so talented, girl.

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