I am Allison Daniell, a Colorado based photograher. I have loved taking pictures as long as I can remember. From 110 film to the darkroom in college, I have always been a shutterbug. I love the idea of catching and capturing moments… like little lightnin’ bugs in jars that I can save for others to share throughout life. I am passionate about people and think humans are the most interesting subjects in the world, so I spend most of my time photographing them. Everyone from babies to brides to grandparents have a story, and I enjoy telling those stories in a way only photographs can do.

My blog highlights favorite photography shoots, supplies tips and ideas for photography, and gives a little, “Welcome to the Weekend,” with a Pic of the Week every Friday.

To see my portfolio and to inquire about Stellar Propeller Studio capturing your upcoming event, please visit my website at www.stellarpropellerstudio.com.

SP handwritten NoINKblotsTop 10 Engagement Photos

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  • I’m interested in looking at your portfolio and getting a price list from you (for a wedding), but your website is no longer in use. Where can I get more information?

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